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We do economic research so you don’t have to. Using scientific methods and models that are constantly being refined, we help our clients make the right decisions on economic and political issues in a complex world.

Analysis and Monitoring

Labour market

What information do the actors need in order to make future-oriented decisions for the labour market? Our models support politicians, trade unions, associations and companies in their decision-making.

Health care for society


How healthy is a society? The topic of health is of great importance both socially and economically. According to WHO, health is an asset and a source of social and economic stability. Our research work examines the social relevance of health, its influencing factors and the economic importance of the health economy from different perspectives.

Economy, ecology, social – a look at the overall concept


How can dialogues with stakeholders in the sustainability debate be conducted on the basis of solid data? Through our calculations, we make the effects of different scenarios and proposed solutions verifiable and thus contribute to corporate CSR strategies and environmental policy decisions. [BC1] Our analyses consider sustainability as an overall concept with regard to economy, ecology and social impact. The focus is on the supply and value chain analyses of companies, industries and economies.

Analyses in the interplay of politics, society, economy and technology

Social policy

What are the implications of reform proposals on social policy? WifOR examines the interaction of politics, society, economy and technology. To this end, we subject reforms to a cost-benefit analysis or carry out microsimulations.

national economic trade fairs


How does value creation work in companies and industries? How can this be compared? Our value creation analyses measure not only the economic but also the ecological and social dimensions of systems.

Economic and social effects


What is the best way for industries and companies to deal with the impact of digitalisation? We analyze effects and support by analyzing data on business processes, including recruiting Practices to e-health businesses models. Our analyses and studies allow us to deduce consequences for the labour market, education, health and the healthcare industry.

Making meaning measurable

Innovation, Research & Development

What is the macroeconomic significance of research and development and innovation? Our analyses quantify the economic effects of research and development as well as medical innovations. Especially for research-intensive companies, WifOR has developed a model analogous to the official calculation method of gross domestic product that assesses research and development not as a cost but as an economic value for the national economy.

Data analysis


How can clubs, leagues and associations use national and international data to create a competitive advantage in the sports industry? Whether increasing the number of spectators, public positioning or strengthening the fan base – our analyses in the sports sector support athletes and clubs on and off the pitch.

Lifelong learning


What kind of education do we need today? Education, health and work are interrelated. WifOR investigates social inequalities and challenges in these fields.

Research products of WifOR

What we do with data

We develop economic models and analyses according to the demands of our clients. This enables us to make recommendations for taking action and to present sound reasoning in discourse with politicians, investors and society.

Social Impact of Medical Innovations

Comprehensive tool for measuring innovation

Health Economics Analyses

Macroeconomic Analyses on Healthcare Economy

Ecological impact analyses

Environmental Footprint along the global Supply Chain

Sustainability Analyses

Comparability by Macroeconomic Aggregates

Innovation indicators

R & D Footprint

Social impact analyses

Effects on reform processes and supply chains

Digital Impact

Analyses on Digitalisation

Economic impact analyses

Economic Footprint

Sports economics analyses

Detailed Data provide advantage in sports.

Analyses on Skilled Workers

Macroeconomic Labor Market Analyses


At WifOR, we see research as a catalyst, a signpost and a decision-making aid for our customers and project partners from companies, organisations, associations and the scientific community.

We use solid data and empirical methods to gain valuable insights for our customers worldwide, and thus build an objective basis for sustainable decisions but also impulses for future-oriented action.

Prof. Dr. Dennis A. Ostwald, Founder and Managing Director at WifOR

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Many WifOR case studies are publically available and afford insight into our work. Inform yourself about our research results and methods with these real-world examples.