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Employer Attractiveness Analysis

What is Employer Attractiveness Analysis?

What makes an employer attractice? The requirements vary based on employees’ values and can differ according to a range of factors including region, industry, specialization or generation. An Employer Attractiveness Analysis examines the factors that drive workers towards, or away from, companies and industries. Using evidence-based data, WifOR derives insights for companies and industries to increase their attractiveness.

What is the methodology behind a Employer Attractiveness Analysis?

For Employer Attractiveness Analysis, WifOR programs an algorithm that scans several thousand posts from digital rating portals. Using artificial intelligence, our labor market experts quantify how employees perceive the work dynamic and company culture. Based on this data, WifOR determines the key attractiveness criteria.

What does an Employer Attractiveness Analysis offer companies?

Employer Attractiveness Analysis provides scientifically valid data on the requirements that employers are expected to have for employees in the future – specific to professions and sectors. This enables companies and sectors to implement targeted measures to attract potential employees to a profession and to increase the satisfaction of those already employed. Against the backdrop of the rising shortage in skilled labor, understanding pull-factors for workers is becoming increasingly important in retaining existing employees and positively positioning companies on the labor market to attract new employees.

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