Labor Market

One of WifOR‘s core fields of study is the department for Labor Economic Research. It is concerned with both the diverse challenges and the numerous opportunities for all players in the labor market. Our services span research in Macroeconomics Labor Market Analyses, Analyses of Personnel Economics and the Economics of Location, Socio-Political Analyses, as well as Sports Economic Analyses. In these fields, we generate pertinent information for all recipients. This information, in turn, leads to considerable informational advantages for the recipients. Furthermore, we answer questions which are relevant in an economic and societal context.

Health Economics

One of WifOR’s core research areas is Health Economics, which combines expertise in the fields of (health) economics, classical program evaluation and econometrics. Our analysis of innovative forms of healthcare and medical innovations provide meaningful and policy relevant results. The focus of our work is to assist policy makers and stakeholders that, with the given resources, provide the highest possible level of health and societal equality.

Healthcare Economy

Since the founding of our institute in 2009, the Healthcare Economy has been one of WifOR’s major fields of research. Medical and technological progress, increasing health awareness, and ongoing demographic changes are three fundamental forces that support the expansion of the Healthcare Economy in many countries. With our research activities we promote a paradigm shift in the perception of health in a fact-based manner. By providing and analyzing economic results, we are able to point out not only a cost driven perspective on health but also the impact of the Healthcare Economy on economic growth and employment.

With our long-standing research we provide valid, differentiated and tailor-made information to our clients. This, in turn, can serve as a solid decision-making tool for different stakeholders in the industry when determining future strategic courses. Our acquired expertise and references in various segments of the Healthcare Economy shape our work and efforts.

Value-Added Analysis

WifOR's field of research Value-Added Analysis deals with the quantification of the macroeconomic importance of businesses, organizations and industries on an international and national level. Its aim is to reliably measure the players’ impacts on macroeconomic indicators like growth, employment and foreign trade. Additionally, we enrich this perspective in the course of our calculations with an ecological and social perspective (macroeconomic sustainability monitoring). Thus, it is possible to compare benchmarks of businesses and organizations that were determined by using official economic data within entire industries. Another focus of our research lies in the analysis of the macroeconomic importance of research and development (R&D) activities. These and further research questions are the core elements of the scientific work of this field of research, which can be divided into four segments by topic.