Competitive data analysis


WifOR has the experience in handling large amounts of data that can support players in the sports sector. Sports economics is one of our main research areas.

The range of indicators and methods is extensive and bridges the gap between the passion for sport and the enthusiasm for science at WifOR.

Spectator analyses is one example of a project aimed at attracting more people to stadiums and venues. For the Austrian Bundesliga, WifOR quantified the factors influencing stadium visits. Impact analyses record the economic and social footprint of clubs and major sporting events in a region, both quantitatively and qualitatively. What does a club mean for the self-esteem of a city?  Our methods also shed light on this topic, for example through social media analyses.

The Sports-Analytics division looks at sporting success and measures the parameters that determine the success of athletes on the pitch in game analysis. Location assessments and profitability analyses round off the sports economic portfolio.

Products in this area

Big Data

Sports eco­no­mics ana­ly­ses