Social policy

Po­li­tics – So­ci­e­ty – Eco­no­my – Tech­no­lo­gy: ma­king connec­ti­ons trans­pa­rent

Social policy analyses examine connections between politics, society, economy, and technology.

Using statistical methods such as microsimulation models, WifOR is able to evaluate the effects of economic and social reforms and to carry out a cost-benefit analysis. Building on this, WifOR develops its own reform proposals for the economic and social agenda.

Evaluation of social policy reforms

Progressive developments that will critically change the labor market, such as digitization, can also be subjected to a short, medium and long-term impact analysis. In addition, WifOR also offers analyses of non-market activities (unpaid work, voluntary work). This makes it possible to measure the importance of non-market activities and their significance for the prosperity of an economy.

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