Analysis tool makes sustainability performance comparable

Su­staina­bi­li­ty Ana­ly­ses

More and more companies are reporting on their sustainability performance. Their successes and challenges contribute objectivity and transparency to the critical dialogue with the relevant stakeholders. With our analyses, we supplement market performance and thus comparability in the economic, ecological, and social area.

The goal of our sustainability analyses is to make the sustainability contributions of economic players comparable by generating innovative indicators. At the same time, we provide new insights into the relationships between the various sustainability dimensions.

The central measure of our analysis is the calculation of gross value added (GVA), which measures the contribution of an actor to the gross domestic product (GDP).

Our sustainability analyses are characterized by a very high degree of comparability. For example, a direct comparison can be made with various GDP-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) indicators. In addition, by using official statistics, we can map the sustainability performance compared to relevant benchmark industries.

In connection with the key economic figures, important relationships between the economic and the ecological or social sustainability dimension reveal themselves. Among other things, we determine whether and to what extent the sustainability performance is decoupled from the GDP contribution and which trends are reflected in further development.

In the midst of the numerous existing sustainability indicators, meaningful indicators are developed to support a well-founded sustainability policy.

Dr. Richard Scholz

Head of
Impact Analysis

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