Analysis and Monitoring

Labor Mar­ket

One of WifOR‘s core fields of study is the department for Labor Economy Research. It is primarily concerned with both the diverse challenges and numerous chances for all players in the labor market. Through our services within the research fields of Macroeconomics Labor Market Analysis, Analysis of Personnel Economics and the Economics of Location, Socio-Political Analysis, as well as Sports Market Analysis, we generate relevant data for our clients. This information, in turn, leads to substantial informational advantages for the recipients. Furthermore, through our work in these research fields, we answer questions which are relevant in an economic and societal context.

Products in this area

Requirements on the job market

Ana­ly­ses of skil­led labor


Economic journalism and economic research



Age structure analysis of skilled labor

De­mo­gra­phics Cal­cu­la­tor


Interactive web application

Ana­ly­ses of skil­led la­bour


Strategic personnel planning oriented on talents

SPOT – Stra­t­egy Ana­ly­ses on em­ploy­ment


Effects of digitalisation

Di­gi­tal Im­pact


In reform processes and supply chain

So­ci­al Im­pact Ana­ly­ses