Making impact measurable

In­no­va­ti­o­n, Re­sea­rch & De­ve­lop­ment

Research and development activities are a significant indicator of innovativeness, growth, and competitiveness. The R & D footprint highlights the societal and economic value added created by R & D activities. All these activities are considered as an independent production process for the creation of intellectual capital and not only as a pure cost factor. Our research methodology translates a company’s R & D expenditures into macroeconomic categories according to official guidelines. Based on this calculation, a company-specific R & D satellite account is modeled. An input-output analysis also measures the economic spillover effects of the demand impulse of R & D production. This gives a holistic picture of the macroeconomic interdependence of R & D activities within an economy.

Consequently, the focus is no longer on costs, but on the economic value of the economy. The results of such an analysis can be used as an indicator of the quality of research activity. This has an impact on investment decisions and promotes data-driven dialogue with stakeholders.

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