Health care of society


How healthy is a society? The topic of health is of great importance both socially and economically. According to the WHO, health is an asset and a source of social and economic stability.

Our research examines the social relevance of health, its influencing factors and the economic importance of the health economy from different perspectives.

With our analyses of the “social impact” of medical innovations, we measure the social impact of improved health.

Within the framework of macroeconomic analyses of the healthcare industry, we present the comprehensive economic weight of this industry on an international and national level.

Products in this area

The value of innovation

So­ci­al im­pact of me­di­cal in­no­va­ti­on


Effects of digitalisation

Di­gi­tal Im­pact


Macroeconomic analyses of the health economy

He­alth eco­no­mic ana­ly­ses


Interactive web application

Ana­ly­ses of skil­led la­bour


Evaluation of patient care  models

Pro­gram Eva­lua­ti­on