Health Economy Reporting

The He­alth Eco­no­my – Ro­bust sec­tor and sta­bi­li­zing fac­tor in times of eco­no­mic cri­ses

Health expenditures have increased over the past decades and, therefore, healthcare has been considered an economic burden. At WifOR, we are fostering a shift of the political decision maker’s view away from looking at healthcare from a cost perspective and towards a new perception of health.

Our Health Economy Reporting (HER) provides a structured approach for governments, the private sector, and the general public stakeholders to better understand the size, impact, and importance of the health economy. Acknowledged by the High-Level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth (World Health Organization 2016), HER is a very useful tool for advocacy and capacity building. It enables an evidence-based health policy that can steer and guide investments for health, employment and sustainable growth.

Our studies quantify the Health Economy in a new way and show the sector’s significant contribution to economic prosperity and employment along the value chain of care. What is more, due to its structure, the Health Economy is a stabilizing pillar for economies in times of economic crises. For instance, the sector’s contribution to Germany’s economic performance increased significantly during the global financial and economic crisis in 2009.


    Gross value added of the Health Economy

    Share in the overall economy

    Employment in the Health Economy

    Share in the overall labor market

    HER is an evidence-based monitoring tool that analyses the entire value chain of care and enables the comparison of the Health Economy and its sub-sectors to other important economic sectors. It aligns health expenditure data (surveys etc.) to national accounts allowing monitoring and planning of the Health Economy as a distinct and promising part of the overall national economy.

    The calculations provided on this page are based on the following publicly accessible sources:

    International values: Our calculations based on Data by World Input-Output Database.

    German values: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) (2019): Gesundheitswirtschaft – Fakten & Zahlen. Ergebnisse der Gesundheitswirtschaftlichen  Gesamtrechnung, Ausgabe 2018.

    Federal values: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) (2019): Gesundheitswirtschaft – Fakten & Zahlen. Länderergebnisse der  Gesundheitswirtschaftlichen Gesamtrechnung, Ausgabe 2018.



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