Hans-Jür­gen Raab

As Managing Director, Hans-Jürgen Raab is primarily responsible for the business management of WifOR.

Hans-Jürgen Raab studied at the Akademie für Welthandel, Frankfurt/Main, the Verwaltungs- und Wirtschaftsakademie, Düsseldorf, and the Akademie für Marketing und Kommunikation, Frankfurt/Main, after completing his banking training at today’s BHF-Bank.

After demanding tasks in the banking business and in the American groups Du Pont de Nemours and ITT-Automotive, he began his career as Director of Marketing and Sales at LBS, Hesse. He went on to work as Head of Marketing at Noris Verbraucherbank, Nuremberg, and as General Agent at AMEX, Frankfurt/Main. He subsequently took managing director positions at VW Financial Service GmbH and at BMW Bank, Munich, in marketing and sales.

As a board member and spokesman of Advance Bank AG, he introduced it to the market as the first direct bank with consulting services. As managing partner of a well-known marketing agency, Mr. Raab advised medium-sized customers and corporations in marketing communication and qualified sales promotion.