Applied science and independent economic research

That’s what WifOR stands for

Data is our passion – since the founding of the economic research institute WifOR in 2009. As an independent research institute, we carry out studies and analyses for our customers – companies, ministries, associations, and NGOs. Economic research at WifOR combines scientific methods with wide-ranging expert knowledge and customer orientation.

WifOR was founded as a spin-off of the TU Darmstadt in the field of financial and economic policy of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bert Rürup. One of the founders, Prof. Dr. Dennis A. Ostwald, now works in a dual role as Managing Director and Head of Research Health Economics at the Institute. In addition, his professorship for economic research and management at Steinbeis University Berlin guarantees close ties to science. A further proof is the high number of dissertations, currently 12 in progress, which are prepared by the scientific staff at WifOR in cooperation with various universities.

In addition to Professor Ostwald, Hans-Jürgen Raab has also been managing director of WifOR since the company was founded.

Furthermore, the research quality is supported by a scientific advisory board composed of renowned experts.

Our customers can rely on it

Our work is based on valid data and current models and methods. The in-depth analyses support entrepreneurial and political decisions and are relevant for socio-political dialogue.

WifOR is now represented in four countries at five locations and carries out projects in more than 20 countries. The independent economic research institute deals with economic, social, health, and sports science research topics. Since its foundation, WifOR has been working together with numerous project partners in Germany and worldwide. The scientific exchange and willingness to cooperate continue to be the basis and driving force of our applied research. This has been WifOR’s hallmark since day one.

WifOR-Products in 21 countries: Russia, Greece, Sweden, Italy, Germany, France, Swiss, USA, Austria, UK, Mexico, Japan, Ireland, Turkey, Malaysia, Belgium, Hungary, South Africa, Kenya.

Scientific cooperations

The Scientific Advisory Board stands behind the scientific anchoring and quality of research at WifOR. Members include Prof. Dr. Dr. h. C. Bert Rürup, Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dirk Henke and Prof. Dr. Werner Sesselmeier.

Scientific collaboration exists with the following scientists:

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